Signs It’s Time For A Test And Tag

When should you conduct a test and tag on your electrical equipment? Here are some signs that it may be necessary for your business.

With the increased use of workplace technology, many workplaces are not immune to safety hazards.The importance of testing and tagging your electrical appliances cannot be overstated. Without it, you may have a dangerous weapon in the workplace that could cause serious accidents, injury and costly damages.

This reminds us how crucial this step is for protecting ourselves from potential risks associated with working around electricity–and also serves as an excellent reminder about making sure we stay up-to-date on routine maintenance procedures like these so no harm comes our way.

FortIt’s never too late to troubleshoot your appliances and equipment! The following are some telltale signs that you should look out for when it is time for a professional test and tag!

Signs It's Time For A Test And Tag  - Test and Tag Equipment

Signs Of Faulty Electrical Appliances

Damaged, faulty and poor electrical connections are the number one cause for fires across all industries. They not only damage property but they can cost hundreds of thousands in damages too! Regularly having your appliances inspected and keeping an eye for signs that something may be wrong will go a long way to ensuring that your property and business is protected.

Fortunately, there are several signs that your appliances may be faulty and in need of testing.

Sparks and Buzzing at Outlets

Electrical outlets and appliances can sometimes generate sparks or make a buzzing noise when in use. This is often the cause of damaged cables or loose wiring. This is a common sign, especially in older equipment and appliances. To avoid any fire hazards and electrical shocks, you should have an experienced electrician in to do a safety check.

Flickering Lights

When your lighting fixtures start flickering, it could be an indication that there is a problem with the wiring in and around them. If left unchecked can lead to more serious issues such as increased power consumption, sparking and even electrical fire. Any problems should be checked immediately as faulty lighting can cause damage to your business which can lead to unnecessary costs.

Burning Smell and Warm Electrical Outlets

When you notice an appliance is warm to the touch or has a strange smell, it’s time for a safety check and maintenance visit from your electrician. Exposed, faulty wiring and overheating appliances have the potential to cause fire and should be looked at as soon as possible.

You are in an Older Building

Many older buildings require regular maintenance and checks for any issues as they have older wiring, appliances and equipment that has endured years of use. Whether a fault has developed from years of wear-and-tear, misuse or unexpected malfunction it is necessary to test these regularly so you can get them fixed before they cause a larger, more dangerous problem.

Signs It's Time For A Test And Tag  - Electrician installing or repairing apartment electrical panel, close-up view

Professional Test and Tag Services With MainTag

As electrical appliances are used on a daily basis, these issues can often go undetected for years before they malfunction. Regularly having your appliances tested and tagged will ensure that they’re safe to use without any damage or fault!

With experienced test and tag electricians in Sunshine Coast, MainTag offers professional services which ensure all of the conditions associated with them are protected including you from future costs as well as ensuring safety measures taken by staff members (and customers) when dealing directly with an appliance does not lead into an injury because there have been no identified risks present during testing procedures beforehand – saving both their health but also yours!