What You Should Know About Smoke Alarm Compliance

Is your home smoke alarm compliant? Read here to find out more!

Fire is one of the deadliest risks that all homeowners face. Fire and smoke can quickly spread, and without an early warning system there is an increased risk of losing their life and property, but the material and financial loss can be significant.

There is no denying that smoke alarms save lives. They are a great way to ensure you, your family and your property are safe in the vent of a fire. Fires can start in any room and in a myriad of ways, and if undetected can mean the difference between life and death. Here is what you need to know about smoke alarms and how you can ensure your home is compliant.

What You Should Know About Smoke Alarm Compliance  - smoke alarm and smoke

Do You Need A Smoke Alarm?

Each year, more than 50 Australians lose their lives in residential fires. In the unfortunate event of a fire, a majority of these fatalities occur when the occupants are asleep as they are often unaware of the dangers until it is too late to escape. As a smoke alarm is on 24/7 it will sound an alarm when it first senses smoke. This gives you the limited but precious time needed to get to safety.

Studies have shown that properly installed and maintained smoke alarms are considered to be the best, most cost-effective means of providing early detection and warning of a potentially deadly fire. This early detection means that a fire can be put out quickly and effectively by professionals saving your property from extended damage. Less property damage also means less money and time is needed for replacements and repairs!

The Importance of Smoke Alarm Compliance

Smoke Alarms are an important first step in protecting life and property, but they’re only as good as their maintenance. A scheduled inspection can help you avoid costly mistakes like incorrect installation or dead and dying batteries which could lead to false alarms or malfunction when it is needed most.

The importance of replacing your smoke alarms never goes away. As it stands, despite guidance and new legislation, almost 10% of Australians have never replaced their battery while 30-50% are unsure on how best to test or maintain them; this can lead to an increased risk for fire throughout one’s property if not fixed quickly! As such, it is imperative that everyone learns how to use and maintain their smoke alarms.

From the first of January 2022, all Australian rental homes will be required to install smoke alarms in every bedroom and hallway on levels one through four. This also applies to any home being sold or leased.

To keep you safe from the perils of fire and ensure your home is compliant, it’s essential that your home has interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. These are required in each bedroom and connecting hallways. If there is no hallway, smoke alarms are required between the bedroom and other parts of the storey in the most likely path of travel to the exit.

What You Should Know About Smoke Alarm Compliance  - firemen behind the haze of a fire

Ensure Your Home Is Protected

Smoke Alarms are important to ensure the safety of your home, but compliance legislation is complex and frequently changing. That’s where companies like us at Maintag come into play! As professional electrical maintenance and smoke alarm compliance technicians each smoke alarm is checked to be in working order, serviced, cleaned and batteries replaced in compliance with the latest guidelines and legislation.

We are committed to providing you with the most reliable and affordable smoke alarm maintenance across the Sunshine Coast.  Ensure your property is smoke alarm compliant and book your services with Maintag today.