Electrical Maintenance

It’s not often that all your maintenance needs are taken care of by one company. We have a broad range of services available including electrical maintenance by a qualified electrician.  

Sunshine coast Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance and Servicing

Maintag offers over 30 years of experience and have a broad range of services available. We don’t believe in cutting corners with maintenance operations and each task is done with the utmost care and attention to detail.

We don’t take the responsibility of creating a secure home and/or workplace space lightly. Keeping your home, staff and customers safe is our main priority. We handle various electrical maintenance operations making sure everything in your home and workplace run smoothly and safely.

We are qualified electricians with many years of experience so, you can expect to have all your problems solved under one roof.  The friendly team at Maintag offer a complete and holistic solution of electrical maintenance services and are committed to providing reliable services across the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. 

Our Electrical Services

Repairs & Maintenance

Appliance Testing

Circuit Breakers

Electrical Replacement and Upgrades

Test & Tag

Smoke Alarm

RCD & Earth Leakage

Lighting Repairs & Maintenance


Unsure if we can help with your electrical needs?  Reach out to us for more information and see how we can help you today!  We specialise in a range of service types and enjoy the challenge to provide hassle free service.


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Electrical Maintenance services

We provide professional, quality maintenance and servicing across the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. Get in touch with our team.

Premium Electrical Solutions

Committed to Your Safety

We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality electrical maintenance services and abide by strict, high safety standards. As a team of qualified electricians, our commitment to your safety extends to every facet of our business operations, and we conduct ourselves with a deep respect to our trade and to our customers.

Maintag specialises in domestic and commercial electrical maintenance, installations and compliance. Our comprehensive range of services include mandatory servicing like testing and tagging, as well as fan and lighting installations. We are determined to achieve great results for our clients and can take care of all your electrical safety, maintenance, installation, and energy efficiency requirements.

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A crucial Step In Electrical Maintenance

Testing & Tagging

The more we rely on and use electrical appliances, the more strain they are put under. Frequent and heavy handling can lead to the deterioration, damage and malfunction of electrical appliances and equipment. This puts workers at risk of electrocution and other accidents.

Test and Tag is a vital process in the maintenance of electrical appliances and equipment. Through visual inspections and functional tests using a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT), the team at Maintag ensures that your facility is safe and fully compliant!

We understand that a safe working environment is paramount and offer industry-leading testing and tagging services.  Holding years of experience we are able to accurately find faults, repair any problems we detect and advise you on the best practices moving forward.


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