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Today, almost every appliance is powered by electricity in one way or another and is one of the most important technologies in our home today. Despite its importance, its danger cannot be underestimated. As such it is of critical importance that every homeowner ensures that their home is electrically safe and compliant. One of the most effective safety measures that protect against electrical malfunction is RCD safety switches. 

RCDs (residual current devices) are a life-saving device that is designed to protect homes against electrical shock and malfunction. It monitors the flow of power and will cut off the electricity supply if it detects an imbalance in the current. In Australia, homes are required to have RCD safety switches installed on their switchboards in their homes, which needs to be regularly tested and maintained.

At Maintag, we understand the importance of ensuring your home is electrically safe and compliant. With years of hands-on experience specialise in the installation, testing and maintenance of RCD safety switches and offer a range of services to meet your needs. Contact us today and find out how we can help you!

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RCD Safety Switch Services

While we understand the importance and benefits of safety switches, how do you know if your home is protected? Fortunately, this is a straightforward procedure, that any homeowner is able to perform. Simply check if your switchboard has an electrical component with a button that has a T or Test displayed.

If you are unsure or do not have an RCD switch installed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with MAintag as soon as possible. We are electrical professionals that know what components should be installed in your home to protect you and your family. We are able to inspect, test, update and maintain your electrical system to the highest standard

RCD Safety Switch Services

The Importance OF RCD Safety Switches

RCD switches are constantly monitoring the flow of electricity in a home. If there is a fault in the current, the safety switch almost instantly activates reducing the risk of electric shock by switching the electricity supply to that circuit off

There are various types of RCDs that can be used to make sure you are always as safe as possible. Fixed RCDs are installed in the home’s switchboard and are constantly monitoring the flow of electricity. Portable RCD’s are plugged into any standard outlet, where the appliance is then plugged in.

It has been found that RCD safety switches are 97% reliable, and will remain so if tested and maintained regularly. It is recommended that this be done every three months.

Maintag offers a range of services to ensure your RCD safety switch is always in working order. If you’re not sure whether your home has an RCD safety switch, or need it tested and maintained, contact Maintag today

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RCD Safet Switches


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