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Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance

From alerting you to smoke to giving you the limited but much needed time to get to safety, there is no denying that smoke alarms save lives. 

At Maintag, it is our utmost priority to ensure the safety of you and your family, while providing the superior service you deserve. With an eye for detail, we are a trusted smoke alarm installation and testing service. 

With considerable experience and hands-on expertise, our team of smoke alarm technicians are capable of identifying any problems with your smoke alarm, and providing you with trustworthy, reliable advice and solutions. For prompt and reliable smoke alarm installation and testing in Sunshine Coast, get in touch with the licenced electricians at Maintag today!

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With over 25 years of industry experience, MainTag has been providing expert smoke alarm installation and testing services to homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast. 

Each technician and team member is highly qualified and are dedicated to providing each and every client with prompt, reliable and superior services.

Are Your Smoke Alarms Compliant?

To protect homes and their occupants from deadly and preventable fire, the introduction of a new Queensland smoke alarm legislation will have an impact on all rental properties and properties being sold from 2022. From 1st January 2022, Every Queensland residence will need to be fitted with interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms and hallways.

If you are a landlord or homeowner, don’t delay! Now is the time for action. Ensure you and your smoke detectors and alarms are compliant with our comprehensive range of smoke alarm services.

Unsure about what you need to do to remain compliant? Get in touch today. We are happy to assist and discuss your smoke alarm needs.

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How do you know your smoke alarm is compliant with current standards? At Maintag, we have tested, inspected and installed countless smoke alarms and fully understand what is needed to ensure compliance.

With a testing service that is easy and reliable we are passionate about delivering exceptional services. But it doesn’t stop there, we also educate clients about the importance of fire safety and guide them through regular at home smoke alarm maintenance.

Whether you need testing, repair, installation or cleaning, we are skilled, equipped and ready to assist!

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Maintag offers a simple, affordable testing and installation solution that makes it easy to stay compliant with smoke alarm legislation and regulations.

Sunshine Coast Smoke alarm Installation

Do You Maintain Your Smoke Alarms?

It’s easy to not worry about your interconnected smoke alarms, but it doesn’t take much time for an old battery or dead sensor to become a tragedy. Regular testing and maintenance are critical to ensuring that your alarm is working optimally.

Dust, insects, and other impurities can interfere with the smoke alarm’s performance making it less likely to effectively detect fire and smoke. Similarly, they are always on and drawing power from their batteries. As such, they will eventually deplete and no longer work.

What happens if you discover a faulty smoke alarm? MainTag has the solution for you.  In addition to our trustworthy testing and maintenance service, if we discover that your smoke alarm is no longer functional, our technicians are able to install and replace them (at additional cost).

Ensure peace of mind and working smoke alarms. Schedule your maintenance today with smoke alarm specialists today.

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Smoke Alarm Installation In Sunshine Coast

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A smoke alarm’s ideal location is in the center of the room, however this is not a requirement.  They must be 300mm from any corners or lighting and 400mm from anything that maybe blow air i.e. fan or air conditioner.  Different requirements are needed for any sloping/exposed beam ceilings.  

Any dwellings built pre 1997 may have battery powered smoke alarms.  Domestic dwellings built 2014 and after are required to have all smoke alarms interconnected.

  • Smoke alarms older than 10 years or have failed to operate when tested must be replaced. 
  • If a smoke alarm is being replaced, it must be AS3786-2014 photoelectric and powered by what is present.

All property owners and landlords must ensure that working smoke alarms are well maintained and are compliant with recent legislation.

All compliant smoke alarms have “AS3786-2014” on them.

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