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Maintag is the best way to keep your smoke alarm in top condition! With a team of expert technicians, we specialise in hassle-free smoke alarm maintenance for homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast.

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Keep Your Smoke Alarm In Top Condition

In the event of a fire, our sense of smell cannot detect smoke when we are sleeping. Photoelectric smoke alarm works by detecting the early signs of smoke and alerts occupants so they may get to safety.

As such, many residential deaths have been prevented, making occupants aware when there is a danger of fire. However, they can only save lives if they are properly and regularly maintained. Over time, dirt dust and debris will accumulate on the alarm, making it useless when you need it most!

Don’t take the risk of being caught unprotected in the event of a fire. Make sure your smoke alarms are in good working condition by trusting Maintag for all your testing and maintenance needs. We know these devices can save lives, so we’ll work tirelessly to make sure yours are always ready to go.

We offer specialised once-off and regular maintenance service plans; including testing and replacing batteries (where applicable). This ensures your smoke alarm is always in the best condition.

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Looking for a dependable smoke alarm maintenance and testing service? Look no further than Maintag!

We are proud locals servicing homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast. Our expert technicians will take care of everything for you, from regular inspections and testing to repairs and replacements.

Ensuring You Are Compliant

Smoke alarms are a critical fitting in any home. They significantly reduce the chance of injury and death in the event of a fire and provides occupants with the valuable time needed to get to safety. 

Fortunately, the Australian Government has recognised the value of smoke alarms and has introduced legislation that ensures this fire safety. This requires all Queensland properties to install Photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms, connecting hallways and on every level.

There is no exception to this legislation and will apply to all homes being sold, leased or having their lease renewed. Not only do our maintenance plans include battery replacement, testing and cleaning, but we ensure all of our clients are compliant with these new regulations. With us, you can rest assured your alarms are in top working condition.


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Smoke Alarm Maintenance - man holding smoke alarm
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We are your one-stop-shop for all things smokes alarm related! We offer local installation, testing and maintenance services that ensure you and your home is safe.

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Learn More About Smoke Alarm Compliance

A smoke alarm’s ideal location is in the center of the room, however this is not a requirement.  They must be 300mm from any corners or lighting and 400mm from anything that maybe blow air i.e. fan or air conditioner.  Different requirements are needed for any sloping/exposed beam ceilings.  

Any dwellings built pre 1997 may have battery powered smoke alarms.  Domestic dwellings built 2014 and after are required to have all smoke alarms interconnected.

  • Smoke alarms older than 10 years or have failed to operate when tested must be replaced. 
  • If a smoke alarm is being replaced, it must be AS3786-2014 photoelectric and powered by what is present.

All property owners and landlords must ensure that working smoke alarms are well maintained and are compliant with recent legislation.

All compliant smoke alarms have “AS3786-2014” on them.

Smoke alarm Maintenance


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