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Maintag are your local smoke alarm specialists ready and equipped to help homes and businesses with smoke alarm testing across Sunshine Coast.

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Smoke Alarm Testing and Maintenance

Naturally, the safety of you, your family and your property is critically important. However, studies have shown that residential fires are a leading cause of death – most of which are preventable. 

At Maintag, we are passionate about fire safety and offer rigorous smoke alarm and safety switch testing and maintenance services. Leaving no stone unturned, we are a trusted business with a reputation built of trust, reliability and efficacy. 

With years of hands-on experience, we test smoke alarms across the Sunshine Coast. In addition to testing and compliance, we are able to competently carry out repairs, replacements, wiring and installation to ensure your home or business is protected. For prompt and reliable smoke testing in Sunshine Coast, get in touch with the experts at Maintag today!

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With over 25 years of extensive experience, our friendly team have a diverse set of qualifications that allow us to provide a comprehensive set of electrical and property maintenance services. With a dedication and passion for high-quality work, you can rest assured that you are in reliable hands.

Sunshine Coast Smoke alarm Testing That Saves Lives

In January 2022, newly introduced legislation will require all Queensland rental properties to use Photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms, connecting hallways and on every level.

This legislation will apply to all homes being sold, leased or having their lease renewed. As local smoke alarm experts, we ensure that your property is safe, protected and compliant with all relevant legislations.

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How do you know your smoke alarm is compliant with current standards? At Maintag, we test, inspect and maintain countless smoke alarms every day and are happy to do the same with yours!

Our testing services are easy and effective. Servicing clients across the Sunshine Coast, we are not only passionate about delivering superior services but also educating clients about the importance of fire safety and smoke alarm maintenance.

Whether you need testing, repair, replacements or cleaning, we are skilled, equipped and ready to assist!

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Maintag offers a simple, affordable solution that makes it easy to stay compliant with smoke alarm legislation and regulations.

Smoke alarm Compliance & Safety

The Importance Of Maintenance

Smoke Alarms save lives and provide you and your family with the limited, yet precious time needed to get to safety. Thus, it is crucial to ensure they are tested and cleaned to ensure that it is working optimally.

While many people neglect to keep their smoke alarms clean, dust, pollen, dander and cooking vapours can build up and contaminate your smoke alarm, causing false readings or no warnings when needed.

Much like any other electronic device, a smoke alarm’s batteries need to be regularly replaced. Batteries will deplete and deteriorate over time, thus reducing the efficacy of the smoke alarm.

In order to preserve the condition of your smoke alarm, partner with the team at Maintag today!

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Smoke Alarm Testing In Sunshine Coast

Smoke Alarm Testing FAQs

A smoke alarm’s ideal location is in the center of the room, however this is not a requirement.  They must be 300mm from any corners or lighting and 400mm from anything that maybe blow air i.e. fan or air conditioner.  Different requirements are needed for any sloping/exposed beam ceilings.  

Any dwellings built pre 1997 may have battery powered smoke alarms.  Domestic dwellings built 2014 and after are required to have all smoke alarms interconnected.

  • Smoke alarms older than 10 years or have failed to operate when tested must be replaced. 
  • If a smoke alarm is being replaced, it must be AS3786-2014 photoelectric and powered by what is present.

All property owners and landlords must ensure that working smoke alarms are well maintained and are compliant with recent legislation.

All compliant smoke alarms have “AS3786-2014” on them.

Smoke alarm Testing


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